// The contents of this file are in the public domain. See LICENSE_FOR_EXAMPLE_PROGRAMS.txt

    This is an example illustrating the use of the perspective_window tool
    in the dlib C++ Library.  It is a simple tool for displaying 3D point 
    clouds on the screen.


#include <dlib/gui_widgets.h>
#include <dlib/image_transforms.h>
#include <cmath>

using namespace dlib;
using namespace std;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

int main()
    // Let's make a point cloud that looks like a 3D spiral.
    std::vector<perspective_window::overlay_dot> points;
    dlib::rand rnd;
    for (double i = 0; i < 20; i+=0.001)
        // Get a point on a spiral
        dlib::vector<double> val(sin(i),cos(i),i/4);

        // Now add some random noise to it
        dlib::vector<double> temp(rnd.get_random_gaussian(),
        val += temp/20;

        // Pick a color based on how far we are along the spiral
        rgb_pixel color = colormap_jet(i,0,20);

        // And add the point to the list of points we will display
        points.push_back(perspective_window::overlay_dot(val, color));

    // Now finally display the point cloud.
    perspective_window win;
    win.set_title("perspective_window 3D point cloud");

//  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------