// If you are compiling dlib as a shared library and installing it somewhere on your system
// then it is important that any programs that use dlib agree on the state of the
// DLIB_ASSERT statements (i.e. they are either always on or always off).  Therefore,
// uncomment one of the following lines to force all DLIB_ASSERTs to either always on or
// always off.  If you don't define one of these two macros then DLIB_ASSERT will toggle
// automatically depending on the state of certain other macros, which is not what you want
// when creating a shared library.
//#define ENABLE_ASSERTS       // asserts always enabled 
//#define DLIB_DISABLE_ASSERTS // asserts always disabled 


// You should also consider telling dlib to link against libjpeg, libpng, libgif, fftw, CUDA, 
// and a BLAS and LAPACK library.  To do this you need to uncomment the following #defines.
// #define DLIB_USE_FFTW
// #define DLIB_USE_BLAS
// #define DLIB_USE_LAPACK
// #define DLIB_USE_CUDA

// Define this so the code in dlib/test_for_odr_violations.h can detect ODR violations
// related to users doing bad things with config.h